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Product Development/OEM

We translate your vision

Product Development & Factory Sourcing

Our Product Development team has years of experience  working with companies that range fin size from small to conglomerates.


If you have a product concept, we will work with you to develop and manufacture it into a finished product . We can also work with you if you are planning on taking your current production to South Asia.


We do have the capacity to qualify factories and provide costing on products that crossover multiple industries. We always ensure that the factories we work with have all the necessary compliances and certifications.

Production & Quality Control

We have the ability to handle every facet of your production.


From cut and sew, printing, labeling and packaging to the procurement of of raw materials, conversion of raw materials, weaving and dyeing and injection molding, we will manage everything so you don't have to. 

Our Quality Control team makes  site visits at random to ensure that each production is run according to the systematic process and that  the finished goods meet your given specification and quality standard.

Industries we work with

We always welcome the opportunity to work with any product idea you may have - even if its outside the industries represented here. 
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