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Business DevelopmentConsulting

Otentic Global provides strategic business advisory services to startups, early stage businesses,  turn-key projects, as well as companies  planning to expanding or moving their businesses beyond their borders.
We also work with investors and businesses  that are thinking about or planning on setting up new businesses. We will connect you with the right people and organization and work with you every step of the way till your new business is off the ground. 
We start with building a productive working relationship with you. It is the foundation for every successful project. We take the time to listen, ask questions, and make sure we fully understand your industry, your business and your objectives. We work in a collaborative fashion, with plenty of opportunities for dialog and feedback. We also engage business owners and senior managers in an intensive, collaborative process to identify and resolve any issues and challenges that may be preventing their organization from achieving its fullest potential.
Throughout our engagement, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a deep bench of experienced business consultants. We’ll match you with the resources and partners you need to successfully grow your business.
 With a global perspective mind set we work with clients throughout the US as well as abroad. We work with businesses from all backgrounds and we welcome the opportunity  to work with innovative businesses that don’t quite fit into any standard classification scheme.  
Upcoming Projects:

Set-up of an internationally accredated Early                              Development of a multi-use high rise

Stage School in Dhaka, Bangladesh                                             Tower under the Bangladesh Government

                                                                                                          Private Public Partnership Program (PPP) in                                                                                                                                     Narayanganj, Bangladesh

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