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Otentic Global helps businesses thrive. With our main office in Kansas, USA and regional offices in Singapore and Bangladesh, we are an international sourcing company catering to the needs of businesses from different industries.



Whether its product sourcing from the Personal Protective Equipment industry, product development and manufacturing for OEMs, or offering our consultation services on new business development, we bridge the gap to connect you with the right people, the right product and the right business.

Innovative & Intelligent Disinfectant  Products and PPE
Product Sourcing/OEM
Consulting in Business Development

We work with people, ideas and resources to deliver products and services to the different industries with the aim of building  successful alliances, businesses and communities


With  operations in Singapore, Bangladesh and the United States, we bridge the gap between Western and Asian business practices and culture through effective communication.


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Commercial Portable Foggers

Our  head office is in Kansas, USA with regional offices in Singapore and Bangladesh. Our team comprises of members with expertise, knowledge and experience in different backgrounds - all working together to provide you with the utmost best service.

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